• Visit my actual Kickstarter

    visit my actual Kickstarter
  • Top painting of my 6mm Waterloo buildings by "Tableschmock"

    Tableschmock Youtube
  • Nice interpretation and setting of my France ranges

    Sam Brokesteel made a fictitious town of Ramelle Normandy France in 1944. It acts as a backdrop for battles between his fallschirmjager & US mi...
  • Z Gauge / Spur Z

    Z Gauge railway buildings and items. Welcome to my new product line. You can certainly use my other ranges for the z gauge by scaling down the set...
  • Hexes 100mm, with 6mm buildings

    FDM printed with Creality CR10Pro and Anet ET5. Layer 0.12
  • Towntiles

    Towntiles with space for units
  • 6mm FDM printed towntiles

    from my actual Kickstarter… also well working downscaled to 1:700
  • 6mm scale

    As you know, it is sometimes very difficult to scale 1:72 or 28mm buildings down to 6mm. Details are lost because a lot is lost at this scale. Not...
  • Nice interpretation of my Farmbuilding from WW2 set 5

      Nice. Facebook site search for Open Sights Painting            
  • Figures from DLP printer

  • Printing models at 10-12mm scale?

  • Medieval Saint Mère Église

    Very nice setting printed and painted by Carl Schdroski. He used the Saint Mère Église from Normandy 1944 set and the timbered houses from Medieval...