Z Gauge / Spur Z

Z Gauge railway buildings and items.

Welcome to my new product line. You can certainly use my other ranges for the z gauge by scaling down the sets.

If you use a resin printer, this is certainly not a problem. But you also have to be honest and say that although there is a high level of detail in my buildings, details are lost even with resin printing.

Left house is a Kibri building

(left house from Kibri)

Here I specifically designed the 1:220 buildings so that e.g. brick structures and roof tiles are clearly visible. The buildings are also suitable for delivering excellent results with an FDM printer with a layer thickness of 0.12 mm.

See this, it´s printed with FDM printer !

I provide you with some samples here.

I will give you free downloadable files. Test them. If needed, we can make buildings with seperated storeys.

Use the comment function, to discuss future ranges...

Here to the files
Free files

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