6mm Combi Pack - European Theatre & Normandy
6mm Combi Pack - European Theatre & Normandy
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 6mm Combi Pack - European Theatre & Normandy
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 6mm Combi Pack - European Theatre & Normandy

6mm Combi Pack - European Theatre & Normandy

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Attention !! This are STL-files, not casted models !!

Pay 100€, instead 130€

To see, what is inside, go to original filesets

6mm Normandy

6mm European Theatre

This range is for 6mm, but it is well for also upscaling to 10-12mm. So far you have learned to appreciate my models, which were designed for large scales. Scaling down to 6mm is only possible to a limited extent. Anyone who has a resin printer can easily do this. However, if you use an FDM printer, which most people do, you will come up against a point of impossibility.

But even with resin printing, it has to be said that many of the beautiful details are lost because they are simply no longer visible. these models can also not be painted so nicely because details for dry brushing or highlighting are no longer visible.

Here I am going a new way. Details are shown larger so that they are clearly visible on the small models. This will probably look a bit exaggerated in the render images, but it will look very nice in print. In addition to the render images, I also photographed many models after printing.

Renderpicture vs real print

Much models are printed on the FDM printer with a layer height of 0.2mm. I've also made some attempts with 0.08mm. Myself I prefer 0.12mm. So anyone with an FDM printer can easily print this models. Of course you can also use a resin printer, then the models will be even finer.

To convert to other scales, use following scalings

10mm: 10mm / 6mm = 1,6666 so 166% for example in Cura

12mm: 12 / 6 = 2 so 200%

3mm: 3 / 6 = 0,5 so 50%

 §§ Legal issues

Unfortunately, it is not without a reference to legal. By purchasing the STL file, you have the right to use it to print your building models. You determine the number of required models yourself. The copyright on these models, however, remains with us.

That means in detail

•it is not allowed to give the files to 3rd person by sale or publish the files via social media, networks or webspaces •the printed models may not be sold, nor moulds and casts be made of them. •A modification of the STL files and the transmission of changed file contents is also prohibited.


Achtung !!! es handelt sich hier um STL-Dateien, kein gegossenes Modell !!!

Dieses Set ist speziell für den 6mm Maßstab entworfen.

§§ Rechtliches   Leider geht es nicht ohne einen Hinweis auf Rechtliches. Mit dem Kauf der STL-Datei haben Sie das Recht, diese zum Ausdruck Ihrer Gebäudemodelle zu benutzen. Die Anzahl der benötigten Modelle legen Sie selber fest. Das Copyright auf diese Modelle bleibt jedoch bei uns.   Das heißt im Einzelnen •die Datei darf auf keinen Fall weitergegeben werden •die ausgedruckten Modelle dürfen weder verkauft, noch Abformungen und Abgüsse davon angefertigt werden. •eine Veränderung der STL-Dateien und die Weitergabe veränderter Dateiinhalte ist ebenfalls untersagt.